At ENDA we want to show how we can make things better for, us and the planet. We do this by sourcing sustainable materials that reduce our environmental impact.


Derived from trees that grow thick and fast, TENCEL™ uses up to 95% less water and 80% less land to produce the same yield as cotton. It’s sourced from responsibly managed forests that meet the strict standards of the Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC. Trees do not require fertilisers or pesticides, and rely on rainfall – not irrigation.

TENCEL™ uses a clean, closed-loop process by recovering both water and 99.7% of its organic non-toxic solvent. As a result it produces significantly less waste with less resources, compared to cotton, bamboo or modal.

Lyocell is 100% compostable and biodegradable so it has zero impact on landfill. TENCEL™ with its unique process has been awarded with an EU Ecolabel and European Award for the Environment.

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Made with real silver, IONIC+™ is an anti-microbial fibre that keeps garments fresh. IONIC+™ is widely used in medicine, as well as by NASA and Olympic teams due to its incredibility ability to inhibit odour.

IONIC+™ products can be worn longer between washes, making our silver socks perfect for travel and active lifestyles. Washing less frequently increases the longevity of the product and reduces water consumption.

IONIC+ silver is a Bluesign approved material, meaning it is produced with the highest standards to be safe for the environment and consumers.

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Polyester is a common petroleum-based material in textiles, used for its sweat wicking and durable properties. Our polyester is derived from ocean-bound plastic in the form of recycled plastic bottles. They are specially engineered for softness and breathability, while reducing the impact on landfill and ocean-bound plastic. Using recycled polyester in place of virgin materials reduce our need for fossil fuels as a raw material.

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