Our Story

ENDA was born in 2015 when Simon – our founder – felt the essentials we hold closest to our body did not suit what we have come to expect in the 21st century. An experienced Podiatrist, he quickly discovered that socks were a forgotten staple, where lazy design and poor materials were long accepted. It’s this realisation which marked the beginning of a 5-year journey to create the perfect basic.  



Led by the ethos of Swedish design in blending form with function, Simon spent 3 years sourcing, testing and re-testing until he had created a first-generation product. It took another year to discover a set of materials that complimented the new design.

In 2019 a manufacturer was found who could craft both design and materials together. ENDA finally launched in 2020 with a small range of understated socks with a technical design and innovative materials, with the aim to become the only socks you’ll need. 

ENDA – “Only” in Swedish

ENDA’s purposeful design provides a comfortable, seamless fit that won’t slip or cause irritation, preventing the usual problems with socks. We call this problem-solving design OrganicFit, something we craft into to every product we are inspired to create.

“These forgotten essentials have finally had the thought and innovation they deserve”, says Simon. The sock drawer has been reinvented, by a team dedicated to great design.