Our Story

ENDA is a design company of premium essentials for men and women, using technical design and innovative materials to reshape how we think about our basics. First inspired in 2015, ENDA has taken thoughtful steps to combine purposeful design with sustainability.

It started when something concerned Podiatrist Simon Bobik. He realised that despite all his professional knowledge, he knew very little about socks, those forgotten essentials in-between. When it became apparent his colleagues had the same knowledge gaps, he wondered how such an essential item could be so easily overlooked. To Simon, it felt like a sandwich without the filling. 



He soon discovered that socks were left behind, with outdated materials and mediocre design. Naturally curious, he decided to find a solution, by researching and testing products from all over the world. He spent over 3 years developing the first generation of products, but it wasn't until another year had passed he discovered a set of materials that truly complimented the design. He felt one material in particular from Austria, could be a modern-day alternative to cotton.

In 2019 Simon found a manufacturer who could craft his design and newfound materials together. Inspired by the form follows function ethos of Swedish design, combined with the perseverance to make the only socks you'll need  ENDA was born, with a small range of understated, high quality, ultra-comfortable socks made with luxurious, innovative materials - lyocell and silver. 


ENDA – “Only” in Swedish


Lyocell is produced sustainably from eucalyptus trees, is twice as soft and more breathable than cotton, is odour-resistant and biodegradable. Silver has incredibly strong anti-bacterial properties, ensuring all day freshness. ENDA’s purposeful design provides a comfortable, seamless fit that won’t slip or cause irritation, preventing the usual problems with socks. We call this problem-solving design OrganicFit, something we craft into to every product we are inspired to create.

“These forgotten essentials have the thought and innovation they deserve”, says Simon. The outdated cotton sock has been reinvented, by a team dedicated to quality, innovative and sustainable design.