Our Materials

At ENDA, we want you to feel better, but not at the planet's expense. This is why we source sustainable materials to reduce our environmental impact. We carefully select materials best suited to sustainability and quality. 

TENCEL Lyocell

Lyocell is a sustainable material made from trees with silk like softness that's superior to cotton. Like bamboo and modal it is a cellulose fibre, however Lyocell is the most advanced. It’s incredibly soft on skin, breathable and naturally odour-resistant. Our Lyocell is made by Austrian company, Lenzing AG.

Derived from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees that grow thick and fast, Lyocell needs 95% less water and 80% less land to produce the same yield as cotton. Our Lyocell is sourced from responsibly managed forests that meet the strict standards of the Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC. Trees do not need fertilisers or pesticides, and rely on rainfall — not irrigation.


TENCEL Lyocell is produced using an incredibly clean, closed-loop process. Lenzing can produce Lyocell with less waste, by recovering and recycling both water and 99.7% of its organic non-toxic solvent. That is better than other regenerated fibres like bamboo or modal, that can involve large deposits of industrial wastewater. 

At the end of its life, TENCEL Lyocell is 100% compostable and biodegradable — meaning it can return to nature with zero impact on landfill. This process has awarded Lenzing with an EU Ecolabel and the European Award for the Environment. 

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X-Static Silver

Made with real silver, X-STATIC fibres are anti-microbial and reduce the need for frequent washing. X-STATIC silver fibres are widely used in medicine, as well as by NASA, Olympic teams and the Special Forces due to its incredible ability to inhibit odour even in the harshest environments.

This means our products with X-STATIC silver can be worn more and washed less, making our silver socks perfect for travel and active lifestyles. Washing less frequently also increases the longevity of the product and reduces water consumption.

Up to 50% of the silver used to produce this fibre is recycled. X-STATIC silver is a Bluesign approved fabric, meaning that it is produced with the highest standards to be safe for the environment, safe for workers and safe for customers.

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Recycled polyester

Polyester is a common petroleum-based fibre used in textiles, mainly for its sweat wicking and durable qualities. Today, polyester fibres can be reproduced from trash headed for landfill. Made by Unifi, our recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles that are specially engineered for enhanced softness and breathability. Recycled polyester is used in most of our cushioned socks. 

Using recycled polyester in place of virgin synthetics reduces our need for petroleum as a raw material. By using discarded materials, we are also reducing the volume of plastic going to landfills and oceans. 

We aim to incorporate more recycled materials as our range grows.

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